Sunday service is the main part of fellowship at the Waterbrook, but in order for relationships to develop and true community to form, we encourage everyone to join and connect with a Maskani.

Call them Life groups or Bible Study groups... Maskani's are the home groups where church members meet regularly to read the word, pray, fellowship, eat and just have fun in each others company. This is where we build each other up. This is where many grow in the faith. People tend to find a home bible study a less intimidating place, so they open up more and are more honest about the state of their faith. As such, some strong bonds are formed here... some destined to last a whole lifetime.

The Maskani groups have also been an avenue through which the Church has conducted some important programs. One such successful program is the Purple Book – a 12 week discipleship training program. The purple book developed a spiritual foundation for the Church, which can then be replicated over and over.

So it is very important to find and connect with a Maskani group near you. In order to find out which Maskani group is in your area, visit the Contact Us page and leave a query, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.